Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Entire English Language To Join The Shrill?

Now that William Safire has stepped down from as the Times' hallucination columnist, we're wondering if it's safe for the entire English language to join the Order. Here's an example of the thinking:

In tomorrow's State of the Union speech, President Bush will no doubt escalate his campaign to replace Social Security with private retirement accounts. We don't know exactly what he'll say, but we're willing to bet that he won't say "private accounts," even though privatization is exactly what he's calling for, and exactly how he and other administration officials have described their scheme hundreds of times before. But the polls and focus groups that Mr. Bush says he ignores show that the public doesn't like to hear the word "private" when the topic is Social Security. So the administration now scrupulously uses the label "personal accounts," and in a 104-page book on selling the plan, it urges Congressional Republicans to do the same.

Whatever happens, we're fairly confident the SotU will use the English language, and the English language won't be happy about being used.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Just When You Thought The Smackdown Couldn't Get Any Harsher...

Our dear leader delivers what might just be the most obvious and eloquent refutation of the Bush cabal's Social Security 'plan'. It's so pretty, so simple, and so damning that it could only have come from the grand master and original gangsta of the Order! It makes your skin tingle.